Why Vote?

Why Vote?

Because we need your voice! To help reclaim the civility and decency that used to epitomize our country. We were looked to as reliable partners, now we have backed away from our agreements and become isolationists in a global community.

We need your voice!

Can one voice matter? You bet! Many single voices can make a chorus, can make harmony. When San Francisco’s mayor Ed Lee died, the Chronicle extolled him as a “shining light of decency.” Let’s elect more of that ilk. They can make harmony and concord. Can we as a country become a “shining light of decency”? (again) Vote for truthful, ethical, clear-thinking, far-sighted candidates!

In the egosystem of the current White House, harmony is not happening. Discord abounds across our land. Let’s raise our voices with lovingkindness and dispel the anger and hate-mongering that has infected our beloved country. Can we reach for the “kinder, gentler world” that President George H.W. Bush wished for? So vote for the kind and gentle candidates who understand courtesy, honor, ethics and, puhleeze,  truth.

First of all truth. To tell it and to recognize it. A candidate should be able and willing to answer a question as asked. So often he/she might say “I’m glad you asked me that question” and then swing into his own quite different stump speech or use the time to lambaste his opponent. Truth has taken a backseat to motive. It may be called “fake news.”

Remember when “truth, justice and the American way” were the definition of a hero?

Let it become true, when we sing “crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.”